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Monterey's ONLY Pole Dance Fitness Class!

Our Pole Dance class incorporates stretching, core work, sensual dance and “vertical aerobics” into an hour long exercise class that is guaranteed to be fun for any woman of any age. Whether you are looking to slim down, tone up or just rediscover your inner sex kitten, this is the class for you!

Class Info
High heels are strongly recommended and we ask that you do not arrive in the shoes you will be wearing in class (for cleanliness) “dance” shoes are recommended but not required. Shorts and a sleeveless tank are standard but sports bras, bikini bottoms/tops or underwear are encouraged. The more skin you have showing the easier it will be to perform certain exercises.
Please do not wear jewelry, lotion or baby oil to class. Certain shoes may not be appropriate for the class, please check with staff. Click HERE to buy shoes!
PLEASE arrive at least 10 minutes before 
class starts. If you are not on time, and do not call to advise us you will be late, your spot may be given to another student on the waitlist.

The Sexy way to Skinny

Level 1: is 60 minutes of stretching, warm ups, turns, dance and tricks on a stationary pole. This class is great for beginners and those who want to spend more time perfecting the basics. You will learn how to perfect these tricks as well as how to put them all together in a fun and sexy routine (or intro to inverts). 

Level 2: This class is for our advanced students and is 60 minutes long and builds on the foundation of level 1. Students must demonstrate knowledge and safe execution of ALL Level 1 skills and must be able to do basic inverts including leg hangs and  all spins before leveling up to level 2. Must have instructor's approval before moving up.  You will learn new tricks, combos, inverts and routines designed to improve your strength and technique. During this class we work with both static and spinning pole. You will also learn the second part of our sexy routine ;)

Lyrical: is 60 minutes of warm up stretch, core exercise, and lyrical movements on the pole. Lyrical is a mixture of ballet, jazz, modern. You will learn a lyrical choreographed dance routine in the end. It is best to wear knee pads/ high knee socks for this class.

Sensual: is 60 minutes of a warm up stretch and sensual movements on the pole. May take the class after your first level one class. You will learn a sultry choreographed dance routine. It is best to wear knee pads/high knee socks for this class as it has a lot of floor work. Heels are highly recommended!

Invert/Intro to Inverts: An entire hour helping you perfect the art of pole dancing upside down! Whether you are a beginner or expert this class will help improve your technique. No special membership required this class is open to all students. Best to wear as little as possible in clothing!

Balance and Flexibility: 60 minutes class that focuses on deep stretching and improving balance with a pole.

​Open Pole: Enrolled students that are taking our classes can use our studio for 60 minutes of working whatever skills they are trying to better. An instructor will be present and may help you with whatever you would like to work on. If you do not know what skills you would like to enhance, the instructor might give you a routine, trick, or spin to practice with. This time is only for our students.  No spectators.  

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