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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never tried pole dancing before, I'm not sure I can do it.

Our level one class is formatted for beginners. It's designed to be fun for all ability levels, even if you have never tried pole fitness before. 

I don't currently exercise, will I be strong enough to do pole fitness?

All of our classes include warm up exercises and strength training. Our level one class is perfect for students who are looking to add something new and fun to their existing exercise routine, or those who are just getting back into exercise. 

What should I wear?

You NEED to have exposed skin. Tank tops and shorts are the usual outfit of choice. Showing skin is not a fashion statement for this class, it is a necessity. Without exposed skin, it is a safety issue. Things you DON'T want to wear to class: Yoga pants, leggings, long sleeves, nylons, socks, sneakers, any item of clothing with clasps, buttons, snaps, zippers or other metal that will come in contact with the pole. 
Shoes: heels are STRONGLY recommended. Sneakers are a no-no. If you absolutely cant do heels, you can do the class barefoot, at your own risk. (Stubbed toes can happen)

How old do I have to be to take classes? If I'm under 18 can my parent sign a consent?

You MUST be 18 or over to attend class, NO EXCEPTIONS. 
We do not accept consents from parents or guardians. 

Ive never tried a class like this before, I don't know what to expect. I'm nervous! 

This is why we offer your first class free. I can assure you, EVERYONE is nervous their first class. But our instructors and students are awesome and I guarantee you will love it, and if you don't...at least it was free! ;)
Each level one class includes warm up exercises and stretches, transition moves like spins and dance moves, pole "tricks", an introduction to inversions and a fun routine where we put it all together. 

How much does it cost? When are your classes?

Everything you need to know about cost and class schedule is right here on the website. 

Im a guy, can I take classes? 

Absolutely! We welcome everyone in our classes. 

​Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/kid/friend who wants to watch to class?
Can I sit in and watch a class before I sign up?

Nope. We do not allow any spectators in the class for any reason. 

I need to cancel my free trial class, can I reschedule? 

Yes! Just call, text(recommended) or email your cancellation and our staff will remove your reservation and you can reschedule at your convenience. We ask that you notify us at least 4 hours to not be billed.

How can I cancel my reservation?

​You can cancel your reservation 3 ways: online, email or by phone/text. The easiest way is by logging into your account and cancelling online. If you try to cancel online and its after the 12 hour cut off, the website will not allow you to cancel. If its after the 12 hour cut off, you must call/text or email the studio to cancel.

What happens if I don't give a 4 hour cancellation?

NO SHOW POLICY - Cancellations need to be made within 4 hours of your scheduled class. If cancellation is not made, a No Show fee of $15 will be charged. Emergencies will be addressed on a case by case basis, however, we feel that a 4 hour window is more than adequate to advise if you will be unable to attend.  

Im moving and will not be able to finish my package of classes, can I have a refund for my unused classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on any class packages. What we can do in this situation is let you gift the classes to another person who can utilize the remainder of your classes. 

How do I cancel my monthly membership? 

You must call or email the studio and give us at least 2 weeks notice that you would like to cancel your recurring membership. Your initial obligation must be met (you must have completed your initial 3 months to cancel if you signed up for the 3 month package.). If you do not call to cancel, the monthly membership will continue to be billed. 

Im sick/injured/out of town, can you put my monthly membership on hold?

Yes! Let us know as soon as you become unable to attend classes and as a courtesy we can place your membership on hold until you are able to return. We can do this once during the course of a membership, and we are unable to place the hold retroactively. 

I want to host a private party/ group lesson/ private lesson. How much does it cost?

The cost of a private lesson or event depends on several factors: number of guests in your group, type of lesson, when you want to host your event. If you are interested in hosting an event email or call/text the studio with the info mentioned above and we can get back to you with a price quote. 

If you still have questions that have not been answered here, feel free to email us or give us a call! =)