The most known benefit of pole fitness is the weight loss as it burns a lot of calories due to routine's intensity. 

According to Life Hack, it is good for the heart as any moderate to intense aerobic training that encourages blood flow!

Another surprising health benefit would be that it helps women with childbirth. It is known that dancing helps develop a strong back and abdominal muscles. This aids minimizing back pain during pregnancy and child birth.

Flexibility is also improved. Stretching uses a full range of motion. It decrease risks for injuries as stretching exercises will enable the full use of joints' range of movement and muscles to work more efficiently. 


Exercise in general is recommended for conditions for chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Pole dancing can be ideal as it engages all of the body's muscles. 

The Arthritis foundation lists pole dancing as a recommended exercise for regular movement. It develops the body's core along with upper and lower body strength. 



Kellie Leigh, a young Australian woman with cerebral palsy, uses pole dance fitness as a form of physical therapy for her condition. She has become stronger, fitter and more flexible. She is also able to climb and sit on the pole (difficult task for anybody new to pole). 

Health Benefits
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