Jennifer Hsieh

I fell in love with pole dance in 2013 when I started as a student at Ms.Tryss Boutique.
I became an instructor here in 2016 to share my pole dance passion.  
The top goals in my classroom is to have fun while being safe and to celebrate minor achievements. I truly enjoy helping others learn step-by-step and little-by-little. 

Outside of class I enjoy learning; pole dance inspired me to learn more about human anatomy and physiology; Chinese and English languages, arts-and-crafts and permaculture are among my favorite topics. I love exploring new ideas for an eco-friendly, sustainable and minimalism lifestyle. Come join me to discover our pole dance beauty.​

Raven Llanto

My name is Raven Llanto and I am an army veteran and currently doing theatre around the area. I've had 3 years of pole dance experience with Ms.Tryss Boutique. I've always felt that pole dance is more then just a way of getting fit, it builds confidence within yourself.

Bethany Kumar

Pole.... Is my passion! I love all forms of dance! However, Pole empowers me & make me feel free to express myself in many ways! I started as a student in 2011 & was hooked by the first class! I knew this was for me! I began instructing by 2012, I lived & breathed Pole to grow & learn as much as I could. I, myself & like students learn strengths you never thought possible, confidence, more self esteem & dedication to this form of art! I'm also a manager at a hotel, a wife & mother of twins girls! Love to have fun, try new adventures & most important be me! Live.Love.Pole! Sparkles
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