I fell in love with pole dance in 2013 when I started as a student at Ms.Tryss Boutique.
I became an instructor here in 2016 to share my pole dance passion.  
The top goals in my classroom are to have fun while being safe and to celebrate minor achievements. I truly enjoy helping others learn step-by-step and little-by-little. 

Outside of class I enjoy learning; pole dance inspired me to learn more about human anatomy and physiology; Chinese and English languages, arts-and-crafts and permaculture are among my favorite topics. I love exploring new ideas for an eco-friendly, sustainable and minimalism lifestyle. Come join me to discover our pole dance beauty.​


My name is Raven Llanto and I am an army veteran and currently doing theatre around the area. I've had 3 years of pole dance experience with Ms.Tryss Boutique. I've always felt that pole dance is more then just a way of getting fit, it builds confidence within yourself.


Pole.... is my passion! I love all forms of dance! However, Pole empowers me & makes me feel free to express myself in many ways! I started as a student in 2011 & was hooked by the first class! I knew this was for me! I began instructing by 2012, I lived & breathed Pole to grow & learn as much as I could. I, and my students, learn strengths you never thought possible, confidence, more self esteem & dedication to this form of art! I'm also a manager at a hotel, and a wife & mother of twins girls! Love to have fun, try new adventures & most important be me! Live.Love.Pole! Sparkles


What do I love about Pole? Everything! I started taking classes here at Ms. Tryss in 2015 and haven’t looked back. Aside from the great physical benefits that this unique and playful dance style provides, the supportive community really resonated with me. This is a place where everyone is welcome, you can be yourself, you are challenged, and you are surrounded by the most positive and encouraging people! We are all on our own journeys and Pole really brings us together in a fun and supportive way. Each accomplishment is celebrated here and I really strive to reflect that in my classes. Be prepared for a challenging workout--but also to see the rewards reflected in increased strength and confidence. Come dance with us!
Outside of Pole, I love being in nature, and am lucky to live in a place with so much of it. Hiking, camping, and diving are some of my favorite things, in addition to whale and dolphin research with local nonprofit Marine Life Studies.


Dance and body movement have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up dancing ballet, contemporary and hula, and in high school began taking yoga and Pilates classes. I began taking pole classes in 2013 and loved the combination of technique, strength, and freedom of expression. I’ve come to realize that pole is more than a sport: it’s a community of supportive individuals coming together to get strong, have fun, and grow. 

In my classes, I focus on technique, safety, and strength. I’m intentional about introducing skills that build and compliment each other, and I love to try out new combos. In addition to working on skills, I incorporate stretching and dance routines in each class. I look forward to welcoming you in one of my classes! 

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